The band's gig in the shadow of the Statue Of Liberty is for natives still recovering from the effects of September 11...

Red Hot Chili Peppers are playing a gig in the shadow of the STATUE OF LIBERTY on NEW YORK’s ELLIS ISLAND, in recognition of the regeneration of downtown NEW YORK following September 11.

Tickets to the July 9 concert are available to Lower Manhattan businesses and the Twin Towers Fund for victims’ families of the terrorist attacks. 2,000 extra tickets have been provided by the Statue Of Liberty Ferry Company to view the concert from New York Harbour.

The special concert has been made possible by the National Park Service, reports. Parks Superintendent Diane H Dayson said: “Red Hot Chili Peppers expressed their interest in helping New Yorkers recover from the devastating events of September 11.”

The Red Hot Chili Peppersrelease their new album, ‘By The Way’, in the US on the day of the concert. It is out a day earlier in Britain.