Flea reveals band will record new songs for a 'Best Of' album before resuming touring in August, and pays tribute to Mars Volta's Jeremy Ward

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS have revealed that they will be returning to the studio to record new material for their greatest hits album after finishing their world tour.

The band played their final show of the ‘By The Way’ dates on June 21 in Alberquerque. In a posting on the band’s website, bassist Flea revealed that the band have a break and will use the time to write new songs.

He said, “We have 7 weeks of no gigs. We are gonna take 2 weeks off and then write and record 2 or 3 new songs for a greatest hits record to come out at a future date, before getting back on tour in August.”

Flea also spoke about the death of Mars Volta sound manipulator Jeremy Ward, who died of a suspected heroin overdose last month (May 25). The band had been supporting the Chili Peppers during the tour.

“I am listening to the Mars Volta right now,” he said. “It makes me really miss them. I feel a deep melancholy about them not being with us on this last leg. God bless Jeremy. I think their record is coming out any day now, I can’t wait to get a copy of it.”

He commented on Snoop Dogg‘s contribution the last dates, saying it “has been a trip. A completely different energy than what we are used to.” Flea added, “he fucking rocked the shit out of Denver tonight, he was really going for it. There was a deep groove on the stage.”