Rick Rubin, who has produced the band since 1991, will work on the follow-up to 'Californication'...

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS have recruited RICK RUBIN to produce the follow-up to their highly-acclaimed album ‘CALIFORNICATION’.

According to [url=], the band have decided to stick with Rubin, who has worked with the band since their 1991 record ‘Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magik’.

Speaking about their decision to work with Rubin, RHCP mainman Anthony Kiedis said: “Rick turned out to be the best producer we could ever have hoped to have. The best way to describe Rick as a producer would be if Baron Von Munchausen were to ejaculate the Red Hot Chili Peppers onto a chess board. As the players of that board, Rick Rubin would be the perfect chess player. He’s very intelligent, very emotionally in tune with hardcore soulful music. He knows how to extrapolate the best and most relaxed natural performance of a band without changing them.


“He makes subtle, little, well-focused, well-thought out changes in the arrangement in songs and basically lays there and lets you do your thing.”

Red Hot Chili Peppers are confirmed to perform at this month’s Rock In Rio Festival in Brazil alongside Foo Fighters, Oasis and Guns N’ Roses.

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