Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Coachella headline slot came ‘down to the wire’

The band's manager claims they agreed to play the California festival with just an hour to spare

The Red Hot Chili Peppers agreed to headline Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival just an hour before the organisers announced the 2013 line-up, according to the band’s manager.

Cliff Burnstein, whose firm Q Prime also manages Metallica and The Black Keys, told Rolling Stone magazine that the LA band signed on as the Sunday night headliner with only an hour to spare.

“We’ve been in talks for months,” he revealed. “It goes down to the wire. It’s a negotiation.”

The ‘Give It Away’ band were a surprise choice for many as the Sunday headliner for both the April 12 and April 19 weekends after weeks of rumours that The Rolling Stones would play the California festival.

However, last week, speaking exclusively to NME, Mick Jagger denied reports that the legendary group would be playing. He said: “We’re not gonna do Coachella, ‘cos it’s too early. There was a rumour we were gonna do that one, but it’s very early, Coachella. It’s April or something, isn’t it? And we’re not gonna be ready to go by April. But we’re not gonna stop.”

Burnstein also hit out at reports the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who played Coachella in 2003 and 2007, were no longer suited to play the festival. “We’ll be right in the target demo for Coachella. It’s surprising, but it’s true”, he said.

The line-up for the California festival, which takes place over two weekends in April (12-14 April and 19-21 April), was announced yesterday. The Stone Roses are co-headlining the opening night alongside Blur.