Watch Chad Smith call out Will Ferrell as he actually eats a red hot chili pepper

The RHCP drummer filmed himself eating the spicy pepper after being nominated to take part in the viral ALS Pepper Challenge

Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith has filmed himself eating a hot pepper for the latest viral charity challenge, with the musician nominating Will Ferrell and Pearl Jam‘s Mike McCready as the next notable names to take on the challenge.

The ALS Pepper Challenge follows in a similar vein to the viral ice bucket challenge of 2014, with both of the social media campaigns aiming to raise awareness and donations for research into ALS.

Smith is the latest high-profile name to take on the new challenge, with the drummer filming himself eating the spicy pepper in a supermarket after being nominated by ex-NFL player Steve Gleason, who suffers from ALS.


Posting the resulting video on Twitter, Smith says in the clip: “The ironic thing is, I don’t like chili peppers – I’m not a fan of hot peppers.”

He then nominated Ferrell and McCready as the next participants for the challenge, before then proceeding to eat a pepper – an activity which he clearly didn’t enjoy.

Watch Chad Smith take on the ALS Pepper Challenge below.

Last month, a Red Hot Chili Peppers fan’s account of his experience watching a Chilis bagpipe tribute band went viral after he revealed that he’d erroneously booked tickets for him and his girlfriend to see the Red Hot Chili Pipers for Valentine’s Day.

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