Moody songwriters call it 'Retrospective' and add demo and outtakes CD but we know what they mean

Red House Painters release a double CD pack entitled ‘Retrospective’ on July 19th through 4AD.

Disc One features selections from Mark Kozelek‘s band’s four albums compiled by 4AD head. Ivo Watts-Russell. Disc Two is a compilation of demos and live tracks spanning 1989-1995.

The full tracklisting is:


CD1: Shock Me Grace Cathedral Park Katy Song Summer Dress New Jersey Medicine Bottle Michael San Geronimo Bubble Mistress (Piano) Drop Evil Rollercoaster CD2:

Funhouse (demo) Waterkill (demo) Uncle Joe (demo) Helicopter (demo) Brown Eyes (demo) Dragonflies (out-take) Japanese To English (live) Shock Me (live) Over My Head (demo) Brockwell Park (demo) Shadows (out-take) Mistress (live) Summer Dress (live) Instrumental (demo)