Expect the Andrew Weatherall-championed band to preview new material at the Carling Weekend...

Red Snapper, the WARP RECORDS signed jazz-dance fusion-ists, have announced details of their new album and some live dates.

According to the band, the album, entitled ‘Our Aim Is To Satisfy Red Snapper’, features some of the band’s best material since 1996’s ‘Prince Blimey’. “I think it’s deeper in a really soulful way,” explained programmer Richard Thair. ” We’ve had a lot of bad luck over the last couple of years, so there’s a lot more passion and soul in this one. It’s funkier; the darkness and aggression has come out naturally.”

As with their previous album ‘Making Bones’, the album features vocal contributions from MC Det and Karina, as well as the usual instrumental numbers. The band have also announced some live dates. “I think it’s even funkier than before,” explained Thair. “Det is sounding less like an MC. We keep twisting it and moulding it in a different.”


The Andrew Weatherall-championed act first garnered acclaim with the release of their debut single ‘Hot Flush’ in 1995. Backed up with the guitar landslide of ‘Wesley Don’t Surf’, both became Heavenly Social anthems, before critical arrived with the band’s second album, ‘Prince Blimey’.

The band play a warm-up date at the Brighton Concorde on August 23rd. They then plunge straight into the festival circuit by playing the Lowlands festival in Holland on August 25th, before playing the Carling Weekend at Leeds on August 26th and Reading on August 27th. They play a further date at Dingwalls in London on September 7th. ‘Our Aim Is To Satisfy Red Snapper’ is released through Warp Records on October 9th.

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