Red Velvet drop whimsical new ‘Queendom’ music video

Their sixth mini-album ‘Queendom’ is out now

South Korean girl group Red Velvet have finally made their long-awaited comeback with ‘Queendom’.

On August 16, the five-member group returned with their sixth mini-album, alongside a whimsical, colourful new music video for the title track ‘Queendom’.

In the visual, Red Velvet wander through a series of magical corridors taking them across different realms. The girl group take viewers through a myriad of scenes, from a flying car, to a blindingly vibrant Alice In Wonderland-esque world.


“‘Cause we are kings and queens, put your hands up higher / The more it gathers, the more beautiful it gets, shining bling bling / Even if it rains, strong and beautiful / Rainbow completed in all different colours,” they sing on the uplifting and bright track.

Their mini-album ‘Queendom’ also includes tracks such as the eccentric ‘Pose’, funky, retro-inspired ‘Knock On Wood’, and velvety-smooth R&B track ‘Pushin’ N Pullin’’.  The six-track project marks Red Velvet’s first release as a full group in about 18 months, following their 2019 compilation album ‘The ReVe Festival: Finale’.

The group had gone a short hiatus after their main vocalist Wendy suffered a stage accident at the end of 2019, which left her hospitalised for several months. She officially returned from hiatus earlier this year with her debut solo album ‘Like Water’. Around the same time, fellow member Joy also made her solo debut with her remake album ‘Hello’.

SM Entertainment first revealed that Red Velvet would make an August comeback back in June. Leading up to the official comeback announcement, the company launched a week-long throwback project titled ‘Queens Mystic General Store’.


Using a “vintage store” concept, the project took fans on a trip down memory lane, showcasing costumes and objects from the group’s previous music videos. It also featured the ‘Queens Archive’ video series, comprising mini-music videos for beloved B-sides such as ‘I Just’, ‘Bad Dracula’ and more.

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