Red Velvet’s Wendy drops stunning video for debut single ‘Like Water’

Her long-awaited solo mini-album is out now

Wendy, the main vocalist of K-pop girl group Red Velvet, has officially made her solo debut.

Her debut mini-album ‘Like Water’ was released today (April 5) at a music video for the title track. In the clip, Wendy performs the emotional ballad alone in a mansion filled with overgrown plants. It also features shots of the singer in a glass pavilion, similarly surrounded by bright red flora.

We’re destined / We complete each other and comfort one another / It makes you heal / Always like water,” she belts in the song’s climactic final chorus.


The five-track record features production by Yoo Young Jin Kenzie, minGtion, and Coach&Sendo. It also includes the song ‘Best Friend’, which is a collaboration with fellow Red Velvet member Seulgi.

News of the singer’s solo debut was first reported in March by South Korean entertainment outlet StarNews. Following the report, SM confirmed that the singer would be releasing a solo project. “Wendy is working with the goal of releasing a solo album in April. Please look forward to it,” the company said.

‘Like Water’ makes Wendy the first Red Velvet member to release a solo project. Prior to 2021, Wendy had been on a year-long hiatus due to a stage accident during the 2019 SBS Gayo Daejeon music festival. The singer suffered a pelvic fracture and broken wrist, among other injuries, and had to be hospitalised for two months.

However, despite her hiatus, the singer still released a handful of songs in 2020, for the soundtracks of TV dramas such as The King: Eternal Monarch and Start-Up. She had also participated in her group’s remake of BoA’s 2003 hit, ‘Milky Way’.


Wendy made her official return to Red Velvet on January 1, 2021 at the ‘SMTOWN Live Culture Humanity’ online concert, where they performed their 2019 song ‘Psycho’ as a full group for the first time. Last year, fellow members Irene and Seulgi debuted as a duo, releasing the mini-album, ‘Monster’.