Gary Stringer appears in the 'naked special' of 'Attitude' magazine...

Reef frontman GARY STRINGER has bared all for the annual ‘naked special’ of gay lifestyle magazine ‘ATTITUDE’.

Stringer joins TV presenter Toby Anstis and actor Max Beesley in the edition, which is out this week.

Speaking of his decision to take his clothes off for the magazine, Stringer told “They asked me if I’d do a photo shoot for a gay magazine and I thought, ‘Why not?’ We’ve done photo shoots for teen magazines, all sorts of weird shit you get asked to do, and we don’t mind doing it – so why should it be any different to do ‘Attitude’?

“I refused to take my trousers off. At first they said it would be topless, and I’m always walking around with my top off so it’s no big deal, but then they said could I take my trousers off – so I said, ‘There’s no way I’m going to some place down the road and taking my trousers off, ‘cos who wants to see my tackle?’ D’you know what I mean?”

A spokesman for ‘Attitude’ magazine said: “Gary has a huge gay following. We’re always getting letters from fans, so we’re really pleased he’s decided to get his kit off for the lads, so to speak. He’s one of the few Brit rockers brave enough to bare all.”