The group's forthcoming album marks a return to their classic sound...

Reef release their new album ‘GETAWAY’ in September, preceded by a new single, ‘SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT’, on July 31.

The band recorded the LP in Belgium with Pixes/Stereophonics producer Al Klay, and guitarist Kenwyn House has promised it marks a return to Reef‘s rocking sounds of old.

Speaking after the band had played four new songs for selected journalists at a secret London venue, Kenwyn told “There was a big gap between ‘Glow’ and ‘Rides’ and we felt we’d lost a bit of momentum, songwriting-wise and vibe-wise, and the third album was a bit lacklustre.

“This time, we thought ‘Fuck that, let’s have it this time’, so we didn’t wait too long.

“There’s some more mellow stuff on the record, there’s even more drastic stuff as well, it gets a lot more angry in places and it gets a lot more gentle in places. There’s a greater spectrum in places – a lot less mid-tempo stuff.”

“We’re either having it or really fucking crying. Extremes – they’ve always produced the best stuff out of people.”

During last Thursday (June 15)’s mini-gig, Reef played new tracks ‘Super Hero’, the Northern Soul-influenced new single ‘Set The Record Straight’, laid-back rock ballad ‘Solid’ and the album’s title track ‘Getaway’.

Describing ‘Getaway’, Kenwyn said: “It’s a real fucking ‘having-it stomp’. It’s just on the one; like somebody poking you in the shoulder for three minutes. That one live gets people.

“There is a part of music that you express yourself with and there’s the other half that you express with other people. Going out live and seeing people listening but not moving can be soul-destroying – even though they’re right into it. We found that on the last record.”

New single ‘Set The Record Straight’ will be accompanied by new b-sides ‘Gentle Morning’, ‘Haze’, ‘Life Seems So Clean’ and ‘Nothing Town’.

Reef play a low-key gig in Oxford tonight (June 21) as a warm-up for their Glastonbury Festival appearance at the weekend, and will be there. Check back tomorrow for the low-down on their new songs and how the fans reacted.