Dominic just clicks as a photographer to help Shelter...

Reef drummer DOMINIC GREENSMITH is to display his skill at swapping sticks for clicks with his own photography exhibition from January 12-February 12 2000 at London’s Beak Street Alphabet Bar.

The exhibition, which aims to raise money for homeless charity Shelter, documents life on the road for Reef.

Chris Holmes, director of Shelter, said: “We hope that this exhibition will raise vital funds for Shelter to continue its work and will also allow people to indulge their passion for music and photography.”

All photographs will be for sale and a 20% donation will be given to fund projects such as Shelterline the free, national, 24 hour housing advice line.

For a sneak preview of some of Dominic’s photos, visit Reef’s website at www.reef.co.uk or Shelter’s website at www.shelter.org.uk