A flood of complaints from fans irate at the severely amended bill mean s action may be taken...

The TRADING STANDARDS OFFICE in BRISTOL is considering an investigation into the ESSENTIAL FESTIVAL over whether or not organisers duped concertgoers.

A huge shadow now hangs over the first major UK festival of the summer after Bristol Council received a flood of phone calls from irate fans, unhappy that acts they paid to see were pulled last weekend (May 4-6) at the eleventh hour. The Trading Standards people are now advising those with gripes to write to them. They’ll asses the complaints then decide whether to press ahead with the investigation.

“They’ll check to see whether Essential haven’t fulfilled their contractual obligations,” a spokesperson for the council told NME.COM this afternoon (May 9). “If they haven’t, it’s a criminal offence. [Trading Standards] will check all complaints to see if they’ll proceed with an investigation and to see if concertgoers are due compensation.”

The spokesperson added that a decision on whether or not to proceed would be taken very quickly, probably within the next couple of days. It is unclear what action could be taken against Essential organisers if they are found in breach of their contract.

Last Friday (May 3), the day before the festival was due to start, organisers’ claimed that bad weather had led to several stages being shut for Sunday’s Rock Day, leading to acts such as Reef and Therapy? being bumped from the line-up. They denied poor ticket sales were to blame claiming sales for 15,000 a day capacity site were healthy. However, all stages had been erect for the opening day on Saturday.