Refused announce their reformation and festival shows

Band promise to do justice to 'The Shape Of Punk To Come'

Refused have announced that they have reformed and will be playing festival shows in Sweden and at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival this year.

The influential Swedish hardcore band parted ways in 1998, months after they released their much praised studio album ‘The Shape Of Punk To Come’, but have now announced that they are back together and will be performing shows over the spring and summer.

The band posted a lengthy statement on their website which details why they chose to reform and why they feel they “didn’t do ‘The Shape Of Punk To Come’ justice when it was first released”.

Speaking about the reunion, the band wrote: “It’s been a motley 14 years since our band came apart. We’ve all kept busy in our respective endeavors but we’ve all remained friends and kept in touch. There have been offers, and lots of jokes about these offers. A reunion has just seemed irrelevant to us.”

They then detail how the reunion came about, writing: “All four of us were suddenly making new music in assorted constellations. As all this was brewing, Coachella got in touch. There were a couple of phone-calls, lots of skepticism, some hesitant enthusiasm before one of us basically said: ‘This is ridiculous. There are friends of ours who would murder close relatives just to go see bands there. Let’s just do it, one last time’. And with that, socialist fag-loving pc scumbags were on the road again.”

The band then wrote that they hope to honour the legacy they created when they split in 1998, saying: “We never did ‘The Shape Of Punk To Come’ justice back when it came out, too tangled up in petty internal bickering to really focus on the job. And suddenly there’s this possibility to do it like it was intended. We want to do it over, do it right. For the people who’ve kept the music alive through the years, but also for our own sakes.”