Refused reveal they are planning next album already

The band released their first album in 17 years earlier this year

Refused have revealed they plan to begin work on a new album, having taken nearly 20 years between their last two records.

The group released fourth studio album ‘Freedom’, which featured production by Nick Launay and collaborations with Max Martin associate Shellback, earlier this year. It was their first since 1998’s ‘The Shape Of Punk To Come’.

However, the band will not be taking as long on their fifth album, with bass player Magnus Flagge telling NME that Refused’s next album will be more spontanious. “We’re musically curious people and we just want to see where we can take this,” he said. “We want to do more spontaniously and not so much tension to prove something I guess.”

NMECharlotte Patmore/NME

“We still have this wish to be a band that exists and keps doing records and keeps touring because we’ve found our place with the fans. There is a future,” added drummer David Sandstrom. “One of the things that we talked about when we did ‘Freedom’ was we wanted to sound like Refused, albeit in 2015. I think the next record, we want it to be a Refused record. Who knows exactly what it’s gonna sound like?”

Flagge did, however, say that the ongoing crisis involving refugees fleeing war-torn Syria has inspired conversations within the band.

“There’s something fundamentally wrong where people are escaping from war and oppression and they want to come to Europe because we’ve sold them this idea about the European Union and then they’re like, ‘Oh here’s where the freedom is, here’s where the jobs are’ and then they literally die on the way over here,” he said.

“It exposes what modern day capitalism is like and exposes the conflict that goes on in the world. It’s symptomatic of a world that we live in that we have an idea of what this world is. We sell this idea to all these other people and they want to come over here because, of course, they want a better life. And it’s a real global consequence of a capitalist world.”

Sandstrom agreed, adding: “It’s a grim reality for lots of people and they just want a better life and they drown, they die on the way to try to get a better life.”

Refused’s most recent UK live dates came as part of this year’s Reading And Leeds Festivals.