Refused share new track ‘Françafrique’ – listen

Swedish band to release first album in 17 years 'Freedom' in June

Swedish hardcore-punk outfit Refused have shared a new track from their first album in 17 years.

Following on from 1998’s ‘The Shape Of Punk To Come’, the band will release ‘Freedom’, their fourth album to date, on June 30 via Epitaph. Having already heard opening track ‘Elektra’, lead single ‘Françafrique’ is streaming now below.

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Refused initially broke up in 1998 before reforming briefly in 2012, and they then later reunited again in 2014. “It’s not a reunion anymore,” said frontman Dennis Lyxzén in a press statement. “This is one of the most radical things we’ve ever done, both musically and lyrically.”

“Nobody wanted us to fuck with the image of the band who makes a great album and splits up,” added drummer David Sandström. “Nobody wanted us to dilute it. That actually provoked us.”

The band will play UK dates at Reading and Leeds festivals this summer. The ‘Freedom’ tracklisting reads:

‘Old Friends / New War’
‘Dawkins Christ’
‘Thought Is Blood’
‘War on the Palaces’
‘Destroy the Man’
‘Servants of Death’
‘Useless Europeans’