Loon London skunk rockers debut album is a message to extra terrestial life-forms...

Regular Fries, stars of the NME Premier Awards shows in January, release their debut album, ‘Accept The Signal’, on June 7 through JBO Records.

The 12-track album was produced by the Fries themselves and features mixes by Mercury Rev‘s Jonathan Donahue, Death In VegasTim Holmes and scratching from The Scratch Perverts1st Rate.

Band keyboardist Will Beaven told NME: “The album title comes from a fascination with the extra terrestrial.


“When Apollo 11 was sent up to the moon they had a plaque on it with human forms – it was sent out as a message to alien life. The same plaque is on the inside sleeve. The album is really a time capsule to whoever’s out there.” (actually, what he means is the plaque that was put on the Voyager probes which were sent out of the solar system – NASA-stooge Ed)

‘Accept The Signal’ is preceded by a single, ‘King Kong’, described by the band as “a psychedelic simian moonstomp”, released on May 24.

Available on two CDs and a 12″, ‘King Kong’ features remixes by Kid Loco and Add N To (X).

The single will be accompanied by an extremely limited 7″ containing the Mercury Rev mix of album track ‘Anno Domini’ and last year’s Ellis Island Sound remix of ‘Cyanide’.

Regular Fries will play this year’s Glastonbury Festival (June 25-27) and the Homelands dance festival (May 29-30) at the Matterley Bowl in Winchester.

The band will be touring in May and June. Details will be announced over the next few weeks.