The revolution continues as the lunatics take over the asylum...

Mercury Rev,(below left) who headlined an NME Premier London Show last Thursday, have remixed Regular Fries (right) track ‘Anno Domini’, which will be featured on the Fries‘ debut album due out on JBO later this year.

Regular Fries keyboards player Paul Moody enthused: “Mercury Rev have always been uncategorisable and they’ve been into experimentation and chaos from the start, which has always been an inspiration for all the best bands.”

Speaking from the London studio where the album is being completed, Moody described ‘Anno Domini’ as a “totally tranquillised epic squeezed into four minutes”.


He went on: “It’s totally out there. It’s not what people might expect. The working title is ‘Can’t Face The Animals’.”

A Fries spokeswoman added: “The Fries just asked Jonathan Donahue at the right time when he had a couple of weeks free before Christmas. We just thought, ‘If you don’t ask you don’t get’.”

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The only other collaboration work Donahue has done recently is on The Chemical Brothers‘ forthcoming as-yet-untitled album, due out early summer.

Meanwhile, Mercury Rev have added another London date at London Kentish Town Forum on March 1.