God's envoy here on Earth greets Earth's envoys to the cosmos in letter....

Regular Fries release a new single, ‘Dust It’, on October 11 through JBO.

The follow-up to ‘King Kong’, it is taken from their debut album ‘Accept The Signal’, copies of which the band have just sent to US President Bill Clinton and Pope John Paul II.

In a letter to the Pope, a spokesman for the Fries wrote: “I think that both their spiritual outlook and their way with a tune should appeal to you, particularly late at night.”


Incredibly, the Vatican office sent a prompt reply, stating: “His Holiness appreciates the sentiments which prompted you to write to him and he invokes abundant divine blessings upon you and your associates.”

Meanwhile, Death In VegasRichard Fearless has put together an art exhibition with Fries keyboardist Will Beaven. The collection will be shown in Paris in October and London in December.

The Fries‘ onstage DJ, Andy Starke, has the first episode of his 12-part Channel 4 documentary Eurotika aired on October 2 at midnight. The series is a look at the history of underground European art/sex cinema from the 1960s and ’70s and will feature work from the likes of maverick directors Jess Franco, Jean Rollin and Jose Benazeraf. Regular Fries will be included on the soundtrack.

Starke has also edited a new British feature film titled You’re Dead, starring Rhys Ifans and John Hurt. The film will go on nationwide release on October 1.