Rejjie Snow on why it’s time for grime to headline festivals

"It's been so underground and waiting for its time to shine."

Rejjie Snow has opened up on why grime acts deserve to headline major festivals, and says that it’s grime’s time to shine after a massive resurgence.

The Dublin rapper praised grime artists for having the conviction to “stick to their guns” in a year that has seen Giggs triumphing at Reading and Boy Better Know staging their own takeover at The O2.

“It’s been so underground and waiting for its time to shine in a mainstream setting. To think that them guys can go to festivals now and people are coming to the shows and they’re selling out as headline acts”, he told NME backstage at Bestival.


“It says a lot about that kind of music that when you stick to it, and stick to your guns, everything else will fall into place. I’m happy for everybody that’s there in grime cos it’s a good time to be alive! Do a show, get paid, happy days!”

The rapper, who is set to release his debut album ‘Dear Annie’ later this year, also opened up on creating the record and promised that it will be give fans a “soundtrack to their lives”.

“They’re going to release the pre-order date soon so once I’ve got that date I can’t go back from that. That’s coming real soon, so there’ll be a date out there for the public but apologies man, I think it’s some of the best music I’ve made so that’s why it’s taken a while”, he said.