We want your views on the recent tragedies that have affected New York and Washington...

Following last week’s terrorist strikes on NEW YORK and

WASHINGTON, the music industry, like the rest of the world, has

been horrified by the scenes which have unfolded.

Since last Tuesday

(September 11), many musicians have taken time out to condemn the terrorist

strikes. Oasis vocalist Liam

Gallagher has said he will never return to the US, while REM have claimed the world has been “changed


But what do you, the American NME.COM users think?

We would like to hear your feelings on how the terrorist strikes have affected

you on a personal level – not only in New York and

Washington, but also across the whole of the nation.

Here are

some of the issues which you might like to comment on: How has

the music scene in your town changed since last Tuesday? Should radio

stations be removing songs from their playlists? Would you be willing to

fight for your country and should the US go to war? Are there any songs that

have helped you through the last week, or have any songs taken on a new meaning

for you or your community? What are the long-term implications for you and

your country? What should musicians be doing to help those suffering as a

result of the strikes?

Any comments you have, please e-mail us


Email rockfeedback@nme.com.