The band are currently considering their options following a summer break - but they will "certainly" return to Europe in the fall...

REM plan to become “active” again in September, and will “certainly” return to Europe at this time.

In a message posted on the official REM website,, the band’s manager Bertis Downs said that the band have spent part of this month in London in meetings, to decide what the band will do later in the year.

He said: “It looks very likely that REM will be active again in September and October, so there’s no time like now to start setting things up. We will certainly do some things for the United States and Europe, and there is even talk of a possible trip to South America – maybe.

“The Rio/Buenos Aires shows in January, combined with ‘Reveal’ (and)

‘Imitation of Life’ has produced a hit so far, so there is talk of bringing us down for radio and television appearances.”

It remains unclear what promotion the band will do in the autumn. A UK spokesperson was unable to confirm speculation that they will appear at the Free Tibet concert in London around this time.

The next single release from ‘Reveal’ is titled ‘All The Way to Reno (You’re Gonna Be A Star)’. No release date has been confirmed. However, it is likely that the additional tracks on the single will be audio and video versions of the band’s last single, ‘Imitation Of Life’, recorded live at their recent Nelson Mandela tribute concert in London’s Trafalgar Square (April 29).