Peter Buck is itching to get to work on the follow-up to 'Reveal'...

PETER BUCK has said he has written “tons” of material for a new REM album, and would like to return to the studio with the band “sooner rather than later” to work on the tracks.

Speaking in a lengthy interview with the REM fan website, Buck said he has started demoing new material during the band’s summer vacation, but any recording sessions are currently a long way away.

He said: I’ve been writing demos and tons of stuff for the new REM record. Mike (Mills) and Michael (Stipe) have a CD of five songs, and I just recorded four more two days ago. You know, I’m just staying busy…

“I’ve written a lot of stuff, and I want to keep writing and pushing in new directions. I don’t know. I’d rather get into the studio sooner rather than later and make a record.”

However, Buck said he doesn’t want to pressure any band members into recording this year.

He continued: “I haven’t really suggested it because a lot of times, you know, if I go, ‘I’ve written these songs, let’s get to work’, everyone just kind of rolls their eyes and, ‘Oh God, didn’t we just do that?’. I don’t want to force anyone to do stuff. I do think it’s good for us to keep working on a regular basis and not turn this into a kind of hobby. It has to be something important in your life that you work on.”

Buck said of his new material, a selection are “kind of poppy”, with others being “really out there”.

REM are planning to return to Europe for promotional work in the autumn. However, Buck said that it unlikely the promotion will take the form of a full tour.

He commented: “I’d like to tour sometime in the near future. I’m not sure next year. You know, there are lots of possibilities.”