Peter Buck now has to sit and wait...

The jury have retired to consider their verdict in the trial of REM guitarist PETER BUCK for alleged air rage.

After the prosecution and defence rounded off their closing arguments yesterday (April 4), Judge John Crocker delivered his summing up at Isleworth Crown Court this morning.

Buck 45, is alleged to have gone on the rampage on board a British Airways flight from Seattle to London on April 20 last year. It is claimed he sprayed cabin crew with yoghurt and smashed crockery. He is alleged to have assaulted two cabin crew members, that he mistook a food trolley for a CD player and tried to insert a disc into it as well as trying to sit next to a female passenger he had never met, claiming that she was his wife.

He denies being drunk on board an aircraft, assaulting cabin staff and

damaging property.

During his trial, he said sleeping pills reacting with a couple of glasses of wine he had drunk caused him to act completely out of character and also blackout memory of the alleged incident.

Court watchers believe the verdict is too close to call.