Peter Buck reaffirms the reason he can't remember his alleged bout of air rage was because he took a sleeping pill...

PETER BUCK has denied lying about taking a sleeping pill to explain how he could remember nothing of an alleged drunken rampage on a transatlantic jet.

In his second day in the dock at Isleworth Crown Court, the REM

guitarist insisted his account of downing the tablet with a glass of wine at the start of the flight was perfectly true. He told the court he had not made the story up to avoid accusations of drunkenness.

He said he had completely forgotten to mention the pill while being questioned by police over a string of “bizarre and out-of-character” incidents attributed to him during the journey.

Questioned by David Bate, QC, prosecuting, Buck said that was why he told police he had not taken any medication. He told the west London court he could not remember the rest of the 10-hour flight from Seattle to Heathrow.

Buck denies two counts of common assault involving cabin services director Mario Agius and stewardess Holly Ward, one count of being drunk on an aircraft and one charge of damaging British Airways crockery.

The case continues.