Peter Buck tells the jury at his trial he was "shocked and appalled" to find out about his drunken behaviour...

REM guitarist PETER BUCK told a jury yesterday (March 20) he had no recollection of his alleged drunken behaviour during a transatlantic flight.

On Day Three of his trial at Isleworth Crown Court, Buck said he was “shocked and appalled” to discover what he had done when he awoke in a police cell at Heathrow Airport after passing out during the flight from Seattle. He said one of his last memories was taking a sleeping pill and downing three or four glasses of wine.

He is alleged to have threatened and assaulted staff, gone on the rampage in the first class lounge, tossed yoghurt, mistook a drinks trolley for a CD player and refused to accept an official warning from the captain.

The guitarist described waking up in the police cell saying: “I recall… there were bright lights overhead. I wasn’t really awake. I had this fear I had had a heart attack and was in a weird hospital in Disneyland. I don’t mean I was seeing characters or anything like that. I was just struggling to get conscious.”

Buck had just taken his family on a holiday to the Disneyland resort.

When he read a report of his behaviour, he said he was “horrified and ashamed. It is incomprehensible to me… I have never been in trouble before… I will go miles away to avoid confrontation. I really don’t like it,” he told the jury.

The court was played a tape recording of the star with police on which he said: “I am completely sorry about it. All I know is I woke up and I am completely sorry about it. All I know is I woke up and I am covered in cream.” Buck also told police of “18 hour days, having no sleep, taking care of the kids, having not eaten that day”.

Buck denies two counts of common assault involving cabin services director Mario Agius and stewardess Holly Ward, one count of being drunk on an aircraft and one charge of damaging British Airways crockery.

The case continues.