A court hears how Tom Payne was forced into crisis talks with staff because of the REM gutarist's alleged behaviour ...

PETER BUCK’s alleged mid-air rampage forced an aeroplane captain to hold a flight deck crisis meeting, a court has heard today (March 20).

Day three of the trial of the REM guitarist saw

British Airways captain Tom Payne tell Isleworth Crown Court that the mid-air meeting was held after alleged assaults on staff, a hostess trolley being overturned, and claims that a knife had to be taken from 45-year-old Buck.

“I had a conversation with the crew to decide the best course of events at that time, taking into account where we were over the ocean and how long we had to fly,” he said.

“We could divert to the nearest airport, drop him off or press on and call the police. I decided to press on.”

Police boarded the plane minutes after it touched down in Heathrow last April, completing it’s journey from Seattle.

Captain Payne also said he had earlier served Buck with a ‘yellow card’, warning him to behave.

“But when I served the document he took it, tore it into pieces and dropped them on the floor,” he said.

Buck denies two counts of common assault involving cabin services director Mario Agius and stewardess Holly Ward, one count of being drunk on an aircraft and one charge of damaging British Airways crockery.

The case continues.