The Peter Buck trial 's second day hears of Lara Encrechi's horror...

A stewardess today (March 19) said she was “scared to death” when REM guitarist PETER BUCK allegedly went on the rampage, causing mayhem in the first class compartment of a BRITISH AIRWAYS jet.

Speaking on the second day of Buck’s trial at Isleworth Crown Court, Lara Encrechi, a stewardess on last April’s BA flight from Seattle to London Heathrow, said Buck took a yoghurt from the first class galley and went with another stewardess, Holly Ward, into club class, where a steward was also present.

She said she saw what appeared to be a struggle behind the curtain and then: “Next thing the steward was covered in yoghurt with his shirt and jacket open. Holly had yoghurt on her and I could see the dark-haired man covered in yoghurt.”

Encrechi added that the group moved into the first class food galley where Buck reached for the food trolley.

“He reached for the trolley and lifted it with quite a bit of strength,” she said. “Food, cutlery and plates went everywhere. My first reaction was, ‘There are knives on the floor, he’s drunk, he’s going to grab one.’ I was scared to death.”

Yesterday, the court was told how Buck had drunk 15 glasses of wine, attacked and threatened crew, ripped up a written warning from the Captain and the fell asleep.

He denies two counts of assault, being drunk on an aircraft and criminal damage during the flight last April. The case continues.