Peter Buck alleged to have behaved like a "naughty child" on board a flight from Seattle to London...

The trial of REM guitarist PETER BUCK continues at ISLEWORTH CROWN COURT today (November 13) with jurors ready to hear more of the star’s alleged drunken antics that led to his arrest.

Yesterday, the court heard how Buck sank 15 glasses of red wine within three hours of boarding his flight, got stuck between two seats, covered himself in yoghurt, mistook a drinks trolley for a CD player and sat beside a startled passenger claiming she was his wife. He later collapsed and slept it off. He was arrested when the flight from Seattle landed at Heathrow on April 19. Buck denies being drunk on a plane, assaulting two stewards and causing criminal damage to British Airways dishes.

Prosecutor Edward Lewis told the court that Buck and tour manager Robert Whittaker began drinking as soon as the plane took off. He said the pair behaved like “naughty children” and that “the steward was to replenish Mr Buck’s glass 15 times during the first three hours or so.” He added that when staff told Buck they had run out of booze to prevent him drinking more, the guitarist said, “I am REM and I can make up a story that I was assaulted.” He then went to the serving gallery and helped himself to bottles of wine and champagne.

The captain gave Buck a written warning telling him if he didn’t calm down he would land the plane and have him removed. Buck is alleged to have torn it up saying to the stewards: “Him, her, all of those are on drugs and have been drinking and assaulted me,” The Mirror reports.

After questioning on his arrest, Buck said he thought he had only four glasses of wine and that he could not remember anything that had happened. The trial is expected to last a week.