The band's manager says the band "seem supercharged" to be in the studio...

REM‘s new album will be released within a year.

The three founding members, guitarist Peter Buck, Mike Mills, and singer Michael Stipe recently spent time working on new songs for the follow-up to ‘Reveal’ in Athens, Georgia.

Now, in an online letter to fans from Vancouver, band manager Bertis Downs revealed work has started again, but in a different location. “The guys plan to work in bursts on this record – a few weeks here, somewhere warmer in the winter, different in the spring, possibly some shows next summer.

“All should result in a new disc, available in a panoply of formats in a matter of months (more likely a year or so).

“Peter, Mike, and Michael are doing great individually and collectively, and all seem supercharged to be back in the studio, writing, playing, trying things out, getting sounds, working with Pat and Jamie (McCarthy and Candiloro), and while October everywhere is a pretty spectacular time of year, it seems especially crisp, cool, and vivid in British Columbia right about now.

“It’s sort of like Seattle if Seattle was in Europe – very cosmopolitan – a true melting pot of cultures, and a wonderful city to explore on foot. Anyway…they’re off, early days, but good vibes about the next one.”