A gig by The Possibilities gradually turns into one by REM...

REM astonished fans by performing a surprise hometown gig in ATHENS earlier this week (October 16).

The group, playing their first full electric hometown show since 1992, performed 14 songs at the Georgia Theater as part of their rehearsals for forthcoming live shows this weekend in San Francisco.

According to the official REM website at, the evening was billed as a performance by local band The Possibilities. The group performed as billed, but were joined onstage by guitarist Peter Buck, Scott McCaughey, and Ken Stringfellow prior to REM‘s performance for an impromptu show by Buck’s other band, The Minus 5.

Following the Minus 5 show, REM appeared at 11pm and performed to approximately 200 stunned onlookers.

Speaking about the show, REM manager Bertis Downs said: “Peter had been really wanting to do a show while he was in town, and the stars really were just in the right alignment for this to happen.”

REM played: ‘Imitation of Life’

‘All The Way To Reno (You’re Gonna Be A Star)’

‘The Great Beyond’

‘The Lifting’

‘So Fast, So Numb’

‘Let Me In’


‘She Just Wants To Be’


‘Walk Unafraid’

‘Losing My Religion’

‘Man On The Moon’

‘I’ve Been High’

‘Ghost Riders’