Michael Stipe's Single Cell company are tipped to tackle 'All Families Are Psychotic'...

REM vocalist MICHAEL STIPE’s film production company SINGLE CELL are set to make the movie version of DOUGLAS COUPLAND’s new book ‘ALL FAMILIES ARE PSYCHOTIC’.

The novel is due to be published later in the year and follows the fortunes of the first female astronaut in space. Coupland’s other novels include ‘Generation X’ and ‘Micoserfs’.

Speaking about the project, Stipe told US magazine Variety: “She might be the most grounded family member, when she is about to fly off into space. This is a very real story that turns into a fairy tale.”

Single Cell made their name in the film industry producing the widely acclaimed ‘Being John Malkovich’. The company also are working on a number of other films and comedy projects.

In other REM news, the band’s scheduled appearance on MTV Unplugged tomorrow (July 19) has been postponed until August 9. The performance will be shown on MTV2 in the US, and repeated during August, being shown a further three times on the main MTV channel, starting on August 22.