Work on the band's new record continuies in Vancouver - and there's more news on the Best Of...

REM guitarist PETER BUCK says the band

have “four albums’ worth of stuff floating around” as they continue to work on the follow up to 2001’s ‘REVEAL’.

The core trio – guitarist Peter Buck, singer Michael Stipe, and bassist Mike Mills are again working in Vancouver, with the production team of Patrick McCarthy and Jaime Candiloro, both of whom collaborated with the veteran group on ‘Reveal’.


According to Rolling Stone, the group have been committed to working spontaneously and quickly.

“I always like to leave a demo sound, so we’re trying to pretend we’re making demos, and it’s working really well,” said Buck. “And everyone’s just willing to try anything new. It’s also me, Mike and Michael, who have played together for 23 years, so, there’s certain things that we can do without even thinking about it.”

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