'Permanent Vacation' was last played live in the early 80s...

REM stunned fans at their show in VIENNA last night (July 8) by playing an unreleased track that last featured in their live set over 20 years ago.

The band performed ‘Permanant Vacation’ during the encore of their show at the Austrian capital’s Schönbrunn Palace.

The song was an early staple of the band’s sets after they formed in 1980, but never appeared on record. The band’s frontman Michael Stipe told the crowd they elected to play it after getting a request from a fan. The fact the band had rehearsed may mean it is a candidate for inclusion on the band’s forthcoming 2CD best of compilation ‘In Time’, due for release on October 27. Bassist Mike Mills recently confirmed the collection would feature a host of rarities.

REM, who rehearsed around 75 songs for the tour, have now played 48 of them in just 12 European shows, counting all cover versions, however small!

The full set for Vienna was as follows:

‘Begin The Begin’

‘So Fast So Numb’

‘These Days’




‘Maps And Legends’

‘Bad Day’

‘The One I Love’

‘Country Feedback’

‘Losing My Religion’


‘The Great Beyond’

‘She Just Wants to Be’

‘Walk Unafraid’

‘Man On The Moon’


‘Everybody Hurts’

‘Imitation Of Life’

‘Permanent Vacation’

‘It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)’

REM return to the UK to play the T In The Park festival at Baldado, near Kinross in Scotland on Saturday (July 12) and the Move Festival at Old Trafford Cricket Ground in Manchester on Sunday (July 13).