The band make an entire LP's worth of remixes from their 'Reveal' album...

REM are to give away an album’s worth of remixes of their current album ‘REVEAL’.

The band released their last record in 2001. Now, ten different versions of the album tracks, as well as new artwork have been posted on the band’s official website, .

Speaking about the project, singer Michael Stipe said: “The project was done secretly. A lot of the music I listen to when I’m not going to see bands or writing music for ourselves is non-vocal, dubby or trance or remix music.

“I like the idea that music lovers who are not REM fans may hear one of these songs having never heard the album version, take it as the definitive mix. We’re not releasing it commercially, it’s a little bit of a gift to the fans…that’s the idea. Just to get the music out there.”

The tracklisting runs: ‘The Lifting’ (Now It’s Overhead mix by Andy Lemaster)

‘The Lifting’ (Knobody/Dahoud Darien for 12 nations)

‘I’ll Take The Rain’ (Jamie Candiloro)

‘She Just Wants To Be’ (Jamie Candiloro)

‘I’ve Been High’ (Matthew “intended” Herbert)

‘I’ve Been High’ (Knobody / Dahoud Darien for 12 nations)

‘I’ve Been High’ (Chef)

‘I’ve Been High’ (Her Space Holiday / Marc Bianchi)

‘Beachball’ (Chef)

‘Summer Turns To High’ (Her Space Holiday / Marc Blanchi)