And they reveal the forthcoming Greatest Hits will have a few surprises on it...

REM are back in a VANCOUVER studio working more on their new album.

Although the band are putting together the tracklisting for their forthcoming Greatest Hits record, and getting ready for a summer tour, they are also writing and recording a new studio album, which will be released late 2003, early 2004.

Writing to fans via [url=], band manager Bertis Downs said that work is coming along well.


“The band is back in the studio here in Vancouver, and it is fun to witness the songs taking shape – my stock answer to ‘What’s it sound like?’ remains the same as ever: A really good REM record, and that is the truth.”

Downs said that 2003 will be “a little more chaotic” than usual, and revealed details of what will be on the Greatest Hits.

He continued: On the ‘Best Of’ front, it should be out in October, and it will have a couple of new/unreleased songs on it, as well as what the band considers highlights of its Warner Bros career – all the way back to ‘Green’ in 1988. And we are all sifting though various possibilities and surprises as well, since this is a little different than putting together a studio record. Quite a process, and it will be interesting to hear the results in a few months.”

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