'I'll Take The Rain' is released as a single next month...

REM have confirmed details of their new single ‘I’LL TAKE THE RAIN’.

The group release the third single from their current album ‘Reveal’ on November 19 via Warners. The track will be accompanied by a demo version of ‘Summer Turns To High’ and live versions of ‘I’ve Been High’ and ‘She Just Wants To Be’, recorded in Sydney and New York respectively earlier this year.

Speaking previously, guitarist Peter Buck said he has written “tons” of material for a new REM album, and would like to return to the studio with the band “sooner rather than later” to work on the tracks.

He said: I’ve been writing demos and tons of stuff for the new REM record. Mike (Mills) and Michael (Stipe) have a CD of five songs, and I just recorded four more two days ago. You know, I’m just staying busy…

“I’ve written a lot of stuff, and I want to keep writing and pushing in new directions. I don’t know. I’d rather get into the studio sooner rather than later and make a record.”

The group are expected to return to the UK later this year for more promotional work.