The band play a host of songs recorded in the UK capital - and Michael Stipe admits to copying Morrissey...

REM paid tribute to LONDON at their BRIXTON ACADEMY show last night (June 24) by playing a host of the songs from ‘FABLES OF THE RECONSTRUCTION’, the 1985 album they recorded in the UK capital.

The band, playing the first of two sold-out nights, performed the first four songs on the album in order. Frontman Michael Stipe told the ecstatic crowd: “We recorded this album in London, so it’s very special to be playing these songs here tonight.”

Stipe, who was in exuberant form, also told the crowd he had seen Morrissey play the 4,500 venue in 1985 and had stolen his stage moves from [a][/a] after seeing him onstage that night.

REM introduced another six songs to the set – ‘Get Up’ from ‘Green’ and ‘Pilgrimage’ from ‘Murmur”s inclusion means that every one of the band’s 12 studio albums have been represented in the three sets played, with an astonishing 39 songs performed so far.

Before the tour started, the band had said they had rehearsed over 75 songs.

‘Bad Day’ and ‘Animal’, both recalling ‘Document’-era REM, were performed to an enthusiastic reaction. Both feature on ‘In Time’, the double CD greatest hits due for release in October.

The set was:

‘Get Up’

‘The Wake Up Bomb’

‘Imitation Of Life’


‘The Great Beyond’



‘The One I Love’

‘Feeling Gravity’s Pull’

‘Maps And Legends’

‘Driver 8’

‘Life And How To Live It’


‘At My Most Beautiful’

‘Bad Day’

‘Losing My Religion’

‘Star 69’

‘Man On The Moon’

‘Walk Unafraid’


‘She Just Wants To Be’

‘Everybody Hurts’

‘Little America/People Have The Power’

‘It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)’

REM play Brixton Academy tonight (June 25) before headlining the Pyramid Stage at the Glastonbury Festival on Friday (June 27).