Frontman Michael Stipe says the follow-up to 'Reveal' is progressing well...

REM‘s new album is “primitive and howling”, according to MICHAEL STIPE.

The three founding members, guitarist Peter Buck, Mike Mills, and singer Michael Stipe recently spent time working on new songs for the follow-up to ‘Reveal’ in Athens, Georgia.

Singer Michael Stipe told Rolling Stone that work on the album is progressing well. He said : “We’re writing zillions of songs and pieces of songs, and patching them all together. Themes are starting to emerge, and it sounds like it’s taking off from the last couple of records into uncharted REM territory. Kind of primitive and howling. For me, a very exciting trip.”

The trio plan to regroup later in the year to work more on the album, which is set for release in 2003.