The band admit that new LP 'Reveal''s moniker was not their idea...

REM have admitted the title for their new album ‘REVEAL’ was someone else’s idea.

Speaking in an interview with Rolling Stone in the US, mainman Michael Stipe said that the band were so short of ideas, the title of the record was thought of by the band’s manager Bertis Downs.

Stipe said: “Our manager, Bertis [Downs], named the record ’cause none of us could come up with anything. I wanted ‘Mount Nothing’ – that was my title . . . but it kinda fell to the wayside.”

Elsewhere, REM have defended themselves from critics who claim their new single ‘Imitation Of Life’, due for release in the UK on April 30, harks back to the band’s trademark sound, typified by their 1991 album ‘Out Of Time’.

Guitarist Peter Buck said: “[‘Imitation Of Life’] does have a very REM feel to it. There’s nothing wrong with that, since we are REM! But we tend to think that we didn’t really push ourselves forward in some hugely unique way. The reason we kept it on the record is that virtually everybody we played the record to really liked it. We just thought, ‘Well, why go out of our way to be difficult?’ If people like it, let’s stick it on there.”

Stipe added: “The beauty of ‘Imitation of Life’ is it is very much an REM song. It was one of the first ten or fifteen pieces of music that they (the band) gave to me, and it was from the very beginning this pop, effervescent thing, and we just allowed it to be that.”

‘Reveal’ is released in the UK on May 14.