Out of this world then?....

MICHAEL STIPE has said REM’s new album ‘REVEAL’ is “along the same lines” as ’98’s ‘UP’, but “more experimental”, and has ruled out the possibility that he will ever turn to directing films.

Speaking to reporters at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah in the US, Stipe compared ‘Up’ to their new record ‘Reveal’. He said: “If the last one was like Mars, this one is like Neptune. It’s along the same lines as ‘Up’, but this one is much more experimental. But within that, there’s a lot more pop, and a lot more melody.”

Stipe was at the festival where two of his production company’s films, ‘Stranger Inside’ and ‘The Sleepy Time Gal’ received their premiere. However, according to US website [url=] Stipe has no plans to turn to directing himself. He said: “I think my forte lies very specifically within the confines of pop music. And I’m really happy doing that – it’s still very challenging for me. On a selfish level, I get a lot out of working on someone else’s project, where I’m not the one – I’m not the captain steering the boat or not the one necessarily doing the creative work.”

Also at the Sundance Festival were members of Radiohead. Bassist Colin Greenwood said that while in the US they had been introduced to various film makers looking for musicians to work on scores, but are reluctant to commit to anything major because it is “time consuming”.

He wrote on [url=]” (We met) film makers and music supervisors (they put film makers and musicians together in a matchmaking kind of way), letting people know we were interested in cool projects. It’s such a time consuming and completely different field that I don’t think we’d ever do anything in the ‘production’ thing…but…a screenwriter often has the soundtrack in their head when they write a cool movie…

“If we were in their head and we liked the idea, then that would be great. What we hated was being tacked on to some soundtrack to an ‘action’ movie that …would appeal to a middle America demographic to sell CDs and put bums on seats.

“I know Jonny (Greenwood) is interested in doing some scoring, but again the time commitment is a big deal, so maybe a strong short would be a good first experience. Ed (O’Brien) thought that it would be interesting having to work to someone else’s vision…and that could be an interesting discipline. Or maybe a nightmare!”