Alarm frontman Mike Peters stumbles upon the tapes in London....

Rare R.E.M out-takes and live recordings were uncovered by ALARM frontman MIKE PETERS while he was looking for archives for the Welsh band’s ‘BEST OF’ compilation in a storage locker in LONDON.

He was given access to storage lockers owned by label IRS, which had been abandoned for some time, to hunt for master tapes for ‘The Alarm 2000: Complete Collection’ box set, which is only available through [url=]

Peters, who is currently on tour in the US, told American website Wall Of Sound: “There was loads of stuff of interest. It was all kinds of weird and wonderful things from The Fall and Lords Of The New Church. There were a lot of tapes from R.E.M. I think it was ‘Fables of Reconstruction’, that they did in London. There was a lot of stuff they did with producerJoe Boyd there, including some live things as well that IRS London had compiled on the band. I’m sure R.E.M management will be interested to pore through it.”

The band’s manager, Bertis Downs, who confirmed that ‘Fables…’ was recorded in London, said he thought the tapes were in storage in California and would be looking into it.