Thanks to overwhelming support, the trestle on the sleeve of the band's debut album 'Murmur' will NOT be demolished...

It has been confirmed that the trestle featured on the cover of R.E.M‘s debut album ‘MURMUR’ will definitely NOT be demolished.

As reported in July on, the wooden framework, which features on the back cover of the 1983 album and crosses the Trail Creek in Georgia, was due to be demolished. However, R.E.M fans bombarded the local Athens County Mayor‘s office with e-mails of protest, and the local government decided to purchase the trestle.

Now, according to a report on the official R.E.M website,, the Athens-Clarke County Commission have voted 9-1 in favour of purchasing the trestle. Speaking in a statement on the site, R.E.M‘s general counsel Bertis Downs said: “We have great fans and we certainly appreciate their interest in Athens and Athens history. As supporters of historic preservation and quality growth, we’re in favour of keeping the trestle. But this is something the fans have really taken on.”


It is thought that the trestle, which cost $25,000, will be converted into a nature trail and used for walking and cycling. There will be a number of fundraising events to help fund the purchase.

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