The group's manager Bertis Downs compares 'Reveal''s contents to that of their 1992 epic 'Automatic For The People'...

REM’s forthcoming album ‘REVEAL’ is “atmospheric, lyrical and lush”, and has been compared to their acclaimed record ‘AUTOMATIC FOR THE PEOPLE’ by manager BERTIS DOWNS.

Speaking to MTV news on Wednesday (January 10), Downs confirmed the album is now undergoing its final mixes with ‘Up’ producer Pat McCarthy. He said the album is different in sound to ’98’s ‘Up’. However, Downs added that a “mix of loopy stuff, electronica and real drums” were still used in the record.

In addition to founder members Michael Stipe, Mike Mills and Peter Buck, it has emerged that ‘Reveal’ will feature guest musicians and long-term collaborators Joey Waronker on drums, ex-Posies guitarist Ken Stringfellow and Minus Five’s Scott McCaughey.


Tracks cited for inclusion on the forthcoming record include ‘Beach Ball’, ‘The Lifting’, ‘She Just Wants To Be’ and ‘Saturn Return’. However, Downs said the majority of the album will not be played at their forthcoming show at the Rock In Rio festival, as was anticipated, as they are still rehearsing the new material.

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