Not to be, ahem, outdone, Pearl Jam do Elvis Presley...

REM have covered THE BEATLES, while PEARL JAM have covered ELVIS PRESLEY for exclusive releases which are being sent to their fanclub members as a way of saying Merry Christmas.

According to Rolling Stone, two Pearl Jam covers, ‘Crown of Thorns’ by Seattle rockers Mother Love Bone and Elvis Presley’s ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’, recorded at the band’s show in Las Vegas in October, will feature on the annual present to members of their fanclub, the Ten Club. The single will be released in appropriately packed Yuletide artwork.

Not to be outdone, REM’s fanclub single will feature a cover of the Beatles’ Christmas track ‘Christmas Time Is Here Again’ from 1967, as well as ‘Hasting and Main’ and ‘Take Seven’, two instrumental outtakes from the recording sessions from the band’s forthcoming album.

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