The US rockers and the Oscar-nominated director are spotted together in Dublin, prompting whispers of a collaboration...

R.E.M, currently in DUBLIN to complete work on their new album, have been spotted out and about in the city with film director NEIL JORDAN, prompting whispers of future collaborations.

Jordan, best known for ‘Michael Collins’ and ‘The Crying Game’, reportedly took Michael Stipe and Mick Mills from the band for a massive night on the tiles last weekend.

Starting on Saturday night (August 19) at The Morrison hotel, the party, accompanied by members of The Corrs and actor Michael Wincott, headed towards Lillies Bordello club before returning to the hotel and partying until 7am on Sunday.


[url=] added that members of the group meet again later on Sunday (August 20) and carried on until past dawn on Monday morning.

However, a UK spokesperson for R.E.M. told that the weekend bender was “just a social thing” and that a Jordan-helmed R.E.M film was unlikely.

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