The American rock giants are back in April...

The first single from REM’s new album ‘REVEAL’ is titled ‘IMITATION OF LIFE’ and is released on April 30 via WARNERS.

According to the official REM website [url=], the video will be shot in LA over the next few weeks and directed by Garth Jennings, who has previously shot promos for Blur (‘Coffee & TV’), Supergrass (‘Pumping On Your Stereo’) and Badly Drawn Boy (‘Disillusion’) as part of the Hammer & Tongs collective.

Details of the track are still under wraps, as ‘Imitation Of Life’ was not one of the songs REM played as part of their short South American tour earlier in the year.

The single is the first to be taken from REM’s new album ‘Reveal’, which is due on May 14.

In other news, REM’s song ‘Everybody Hurts’ is the subject of a local resolution in Nevada, commending the band for “encouraging the prevention of teen suicides”.

According to the Las Vegas website [url=], local assemblywoman Genie Ohrenschall said the song, which features on the band’s 1992 album ‘Automatic For The People’, helped bring to light the issue of teen suicide, which is a problem in Nevada.

She said: “We haven’t faced up to this issue and it’s alarming. I hope to highlight the issue. Just like starting up the Andre Agassi Foundation, the more publicity the bill gets, the more publicity the issue gets.”