New biopic of Andy Kaufman inspired by R.E.M song 'Man In The Moon'...

R.E.M look set to write the score for new film Man On The Moon, starring Courtney Love and Jim Carrey.

The film tells the story of eccentric US comedian, performance artist and wrestler Andy Kaufman – who played Latka, incomprehensible East European mechanic in ’70s sitcom Taxi. Kaufman died of lung cancer in 1984, aged 35.

The film is directed by Milos Forman, whose previous work includes ‘The People Vs Larry Flynt’, which also starred Love.


Michael Stipe, a fan of Kaufman‘s, is in negotiations with the producers to write music for the movie, which is due out later this year. It will be the first time R.E.M have scored a film.

Speaking to NME, Stipe said: “We really want to do it, but I can’t say that we’re definitely doing it yet. The film is already shot, they’re editing it and it’s going to be a great movie. We’re just trying our best to score it. I’d just love to do it.”

The film was named ‘Man On The Moon’ after the R.E.M song about Kaufman but before producers knew of Stipe‘s continuing fascination with Kaufman.

Stipe said: “I’ve always said I stole so much from Patti Smith and nobody’s ever commented on it, but maybe when this movie comes out, people will see that I have stolen even more from Andy Kaufman.”

Later, Stipe went on to say how much he was looking forward to playing the UK this summer and that the band were trying to make it “a little bit more special for us and for the audience” but laughed, “I’m not going to sprout breasts onstage or anything like that. Who was it who did that? Yeah, Marilyn Manson!”

The singer also seemed to confirm that the band were playing Glastonbury Festival this year. When asked if the rumours were true, he stammered: “Um, I don’t know. I’m not sure. Yes, I’ve heard it’s heavily rumoured that we’re supposed to be playing. Um, I’m not sure what I can say.”


R.E.M are also playing a ‘secret’ show in the UK on March 2 to a limited audience of 40 people at a mystery location. Tickets are only available through a competition on the MTV show Brand:New on March 1.

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