REM’s Michael Stipe hails ‘level-headed’ Barack Obama

Singer explains why he wants Obama to be next president

R.E.M frontman Michael Stipe has explained why he has pledged his support to Barack Obama in the race to become the Democrat candidate for the next US Presidential elections, and why he wants him to go on to be President.

Stipe described Obama as “level-headed” and hailed him for running at a time when Stipe believes the public have become jaded with the political process.

“I’m buoyed by Barack Obama arriving at a time when people have lost their faith in politics,” he told The Sun‘s Something For The Weekend. “He arrived uncumbered – he is not beholden to anyone. He doesn’t have an electronic Rolodex of people he owes favours to.

“There’s something there that speaks of a level-headedness and competence, so obviously I want him to be the next President.”

Stipe went on to claim that his public support for the Democrat was not born of a desire to boost his own ego.

“I didn’t want to involve myself for my own ego,” he said. “That’s not what it’s about for me, it’s much bigger. So if I get a call from the Obama campaign saying ‘can you stop talking about us?’ then I’ll shut up.”