REM and Screaming Trees men collaborate

Tuatara album out in June

R.E.M guitarist Peter Buck and Screaming Trees drummer Barrett Martin have been working together on a project called Tuatara, and plan to release a new album in June.

Initially formed to write and record music for film soundtracks, Tuatara have ended up being quite prolific and have gone on to record several full-length albums.

Following a four-year hiatus, the band reconvened to record ‘East Of The Son’, which is set to be released on June 12 in the US via Fast Horse Recordings.

According to the band’s spokesperson, the album has an experimental feel of 1960s rock and roll while incorporating Spanish and Arabic influences.

The ‘East Of The Son’ tracklisting is:


‘The Spaniard’

‘Bones, Blood, and Skin’

‘Silo Spring Violets’

‘Trouble Rides In’

‘Missionary Death Song’

‘A Spark In the Wind’


‘All The Colors In the World’

‘Orpheus Must Die’

‘Your Ghost Town’

‘Thank You Jesus’

‘Rainbow Drops’

‘Love Is’

‘Oxman Spoonmaker’

‘The Shifting Sands’

–By our Los Angeles staff.

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